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In the event of a complaint, an email must be sent to or a fax to 02 914 30099 enclosing the “Complaint Form” (Mod. A), properly filled in.

In the Model A it will be necessary to indicate:

  1. Personal information and contacts at which you wish to receive information on the management of reports/complaints: email, fax, sms;
  1. Mention the details of the disputed recovery file, the ordering creditor, the protocol number of our default notice and/or the name of the recovery agent who contacted you, any reference to the bill/ revenue/ financing/ invoice/ order that is the subject of the procedure;
  1. Specify – as much detailed as possible- the reason for the report, which may relate to:
    1. Payment already done;
    2. Disputes regarding the entity/object of the credit;
    3. Administrative irregularities;
    4. Optional irregularities with the recovery agent;
    5. Ongoing disputes relating to the subject of the recovery;
  1. Send any document owned to prove the validity for the dispute.

Within 15 days from the submission of the report, if properly submitted, you will receive a notification of acceptance by the company.

Once the procedure has been completed, the Complaints Office will contact the interested party to communicate the outcome of the case.

Please note that the complaints of payment will not be taken into charge in the absence of supporting document attached to the complaint itself (receipt of payment, note of credit, matrix of the bill with postmark, copy of bank transfer with specification of the number of CRO / TNR, etc.)



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